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For A Parent: Why Do Babies Cry In Their Sleep?

The newborn is pretty new to the world. The little one’s psychological mindset is yet to develop. It is obvious they face a lot of problems in following a regular lifestyle. Babies only medium of communication is crying. You may have noticed your infant crying during sleep. It is no surprise but quite natural. But, you may be curious to know why do babies cry in their sleep. And you also want to know what to do when you notice your baby crying in sleep. Read this article to know why babies cry in sleep.

why do babies cry in their sleep

Why Do Babies Cry In Their Sleep?

Babies rarely sleep without making any noise. At times, your baby may also cry during sleep. As a parent, you want to know the reason for this act of your baby, and you want to make sure that nothing is wrong with the baby and is completely fine. Your baby will soon get out of the habit with the time. But, it is crucial for the baby to be healthy. The neurological system of the newborn remains raw. However, they control and regulate their body systems that include wake or sleep cycles. Sometimes babies pass through semi-conscious and weird state making babies to difficult to make out the difference between the sleeping state and awake. This state gradually improves, and you must see improvement by 3 or 4 months age. Within the first year, it is vital to take care of the baby by comforting him or her when upset. If the baby is grunting, then consider sleeping with the baby in the baby’s room. So that you can cuddle and comfort the baby as soon as it feels uncomfortable. Apart from this babies face several sleep problems. Basically, babies do not have a deep sleep. Often babies have an irregular pattern and short interval of sleep. Unlike adults, babies have active and lighter sleep. Babies also cry for many other reasons when awake. Let us explore few reasons to get an insight and address the baby’s concern.

Why Do Babies Cry?

As a new parent, you may initially face some difficulty in understanding the baby’s language and fulfill its requirement. Babies may simply cry to seek your attention. However, there is a couple of reasons that makes the baby cry. Let us see some of these:

1. Diaper Change

Your baby may need a nappy change. The baby’s diaper may be soiled or wet and the baby is irritated. To protest against the condition and simply want to feel better baby may cry. Further, baby’s tender skin may get affected with a wet or soiled diaper.

2. Hunger

Feeling hungry is one of the most common reasons the baby may feel crying. The younger the baby is more frequently feel hungry. Small ones will have a tiny stomach and are not able to hold more. For this reason, the baby may feel hungry soon. Especially if your baby is on breastfeeding then it is required for you to feed in short intervals. On the other hand, if you are formula feeding then the baby may not feel hungry for the next two hours after feeding.

3. Feeling Like Crying

Babies younger than five months will simply cry during late afternoon or early evenings. This behavior is not attributed to any specific reason. If you notice this, there is nothing to get worried or start discovering reasons for crying. It is quite natural and there is nothing wrong with the baby. The period of crying may range from few hours to an inconsolable long session.

The baby may also reject your efforts to comfort him or her. Additionally, babies may clasp their fists, arch the back and draw the knees up. Also, your baby may feel frustrated and flushed during crying. You may get upset when you fail to ease the baby’s distress. Although, you may face a lot of difficulty during this phase it is assured that baby comes out of this soon.

The condition of babies crying persistently in spite of being healthy is termed as colic. Often most of the people think colic is associated with digestive and stomach problems. The baby may be intolerant towards some substance in the formula or breast milk. These days with insight to baby’s crying patterns, it is been deduced that crying is not related to tummy problems.

4. Feeling Tired

Babies may feel tired and also find hard to sleep particularly if they are excessively tired. As the time pass by you will start reading the signs of the baby feeling sleepy. Some of them include baby staring at the empty space for long, staying quiet and crying for small things.

If the baby feels over-stimulated, then it may find difficult to settle down and sleep silently. The baby may get over-stimulated if it is cuddled and receive attention from a lot of people. Taking your baby away from the crowd and help your baby to calm down and sleep.

5. Need To Be Cuddled

Baby need lot of pampering, physical contact, and cuddling. Hold the baby close and reassure your love and affection whenever the baby is in need of it. Sling the baby and sing nice songs to the baby.

Do not be worried of spoiling the baby by holding too much. First few months are exceptional and conversely by holding the baby close you will nurture a cute relationship. Moreover, holding your baby close to your heart makes the baby feel relaxed by listening to your heartbeat.

6. Make The Baby Feel Better

After few months, you are aware of the physical changes taking place in the baby. If the baby is not keeping well, you can notice some change in the tone and the way the baby cries. The baby may cry on high pitch seeking your immediate attention. Or if the baby remains quiet but usually crying loud. These signs point out that there something wrong with the baby most probably the baby is sick.

Remember nobody know the baby better than you. If you feel something serious then call the midwife or you can visit your physician. Doctors always deal with the baby’s problem seriously and give you apt solutions.